A small but mighty, woman-owned business located in NC, specializing in handmade crunchy peanut brittle with no added corn syrup!

One bright sunny day, we sought to answer this question – “Why is it so hard to find handmade peanut brittle made with no corn syrup or baking soda and one that comes in a fanciful shape…… like the one we ate while growing up in Ghana?”

So, Ethnofoodsgh was born! Our delicious handmade, heart-shaped peanut brittle with an authentic Ghanaian taste can now be found in several specialty shops and we would love to ship directly to you as well!

Join our happy family!


Founder, Ethnofoods LLC

Offering the best, crunchy peanut brittle made without corn syrup (Ghana-style) and presented in a beautifully, decorated gift box.

To promote our delicious ethnic peanut brittle in every part of this beautiful universe! Making a difference in our homes and communities, one box of brittle at a time.

Customer service – ridiculously helpful to everyone who shows up on our doorstep.
Honor – Honor – respecting the dignity and diversity of all people.